Resolving Disputes Through Civil Litigation

When two parties are unable to resolve a disagreement or dispute on their own, filing a civil lawsuit may be necessary. Civil litigation is the process in which two parties seek formal resolution of their dispute in court, typically in the form of monetary damages or specific performance. If you are considering pursuing civil litigation to protect your interests, ensure that you have a skilled and experienced litigation attorney.

At the Cranberry Township office of Bench Law, Limited, our attorneys have resolved clients’ needs throughout Southwestern Pennsylvania for more than 15 years. Our meticulous and methodical approach to civil litigation cases allows us to develop a personalized representation plan accounting for each case’s unique factors, no matter the type of dispute.

Common Dispute Areas

In our years practicing civil litigation, we have come to understand what makes these cases so challenging, particularly in the areas of real estate litigation, contractor litigation, and business and commercial litigation.

Real estate litigation often involves issues related to title disputes, quiet title actions, boundary disputes, or breaches of contracts.

Contractor litigation involves pursuing contractors for bad work, or defending contractors accused of bad work. Pennsylvania law has specific requirements for all home improvement contractors, and a contractor’s failure to follow those requirements has serious consequences.

Business litigation can involve noncompete issues, fraud allegations, breaches of contract or fiduciary duty, and shareholder disputes.

What Our Representation Means For You

Every attorney will tell you that they can offer you the representation you need. But we know how serious civil litigation matters can be, which is why our attorneys always provide our clients with serious representation, and why we only accept the cases that fall within our experience. We are proud to stand by your side and guide you through every stage of your civil litigation case, including case assessments, pleadings, discovery, settlement negotiations, and trial. We remain in constant contact with our clients, so they always know exactly what we are doing for them and how we plan to resolve their case to their satisfaction.

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