A Helping Hand Through Probate And Estate Matters

When a loved one passes on, struggling with grief and heartbreak is often the primary focus of the decedent’s friends and family. While this is a natural response to losing a loved one, some legal issues need to be addressed sooner than later. These issues include the probate process, which is the legal process of opening an estate and carrying out the decedent’s wishes. But you don’t have to balance probate concerns with your grief after losing someone close to you alone; an experienced probate and estate administration attorney can ease the burden of opening and administering an estate.

At Bench Law, Limited, our attorneys have more than 15 years of experience offering clients in the Southwestern Pennsylvania area compassionate, committed, and skilled legal services in these delicate and difficult matters. We know how serious these matters are, which is why our primary goal is to resolve the challenges of probate and estate administration with as little difficulty or time as possible.

What To Expect From The Probate Process

After losing a parent or spouse, many people believe that they can face the challenges of probate alone. However, the probate process can be very complicated. The probate process includes, at a minimum, important steps such as:

  • Filing a petition to begin probate, as well as securing a valid will and death certificate. This is often the first step in the probate process, and it establishes legal authority for the executor to open and administer the estate.
  • Giving notice to any heirs, beneficiaries, and creditors. This step is required by law to ensure that any interested parties are aware that probate has begun, and they have a legal deadline to make a claim against the estate or to contest the will.
  • Preparing and filing the PA Inheritance Tax Return and paying the required inheritance tax to the PA Department of Revenue.
  • Preparing and filing an estate’s Federal and State tax returns.
  • Submitting receipts and records to close the estate. This is one of the final steps in probate, and it ensures that the court is aware of the final order that ends any obligations that the executor may have to the decedent’s estate.

Without prior experience in, or knowledge of, the probate process, it can take years to fully resolve everything. Instead of managing the challenges of probate and your emotional healing process alone, allow our law office to handle the legal aspects so you can focus on moving forward after your loss.

How Estate Administration Works

Probate is only one part of the estate process. Estate administration is the process of managing and administering the decedent’s assets per their last wishes and related laws. We can help you through the entire estate administration process, such as validating the will, locating and valuing assets, paying remaining debts and taxes, and dispersing assets to beneficiaries.

Trust Us to Guide You Through Your Probate And Estate Needs

Our attorneys are driven to provide the best possible service to the members of our community, which is why we are proud to offer our clients the guidance they need throughout the probate and estate administration process. If you are ready to learn more about how we can help you after losing a loved one, contact our Cranberry Township office by calling 724-320-0708 or reaching out to us online today.